The future will have huge growth

The future will have huge growth

Written by
Gautam Bakshi
Date published
March 10, 2023

I know right now the world is in pain from covid-19 and the isolation, economic hardships, death and destruction it has left.

But there will be a bright side of this that I'm very postitive will be realized. People in our society from goverment and business are realizing the gap in our supply lines and manufactoring.

They realize we have outsourced so much that during times of crisis when demand is through the roof and borders are tighter, sourcing of critical items becomes very difficult.

This puts people's livies in danger and puts our economy in danger.  As we proceed forward after this lockdown is done, we need to resist the sense of fear we have of making bets/spending, and focus on building a country and society that can operate and not be damaged by supply lines that we cannot fully control.

This will involve us building our own smart factories, investing in advanced farming where local farms can feed our entire country. This is a big problem that we need to all work on solving together.

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