Written by
Gautam Bakshi
Date published
February 24, 2023

Photo by Aleksandr Ledogorov / Unsplash


Meditiation can provide multiple benifits.  The most common one is a place of true quite and peace. It's a place people can go to when the world gets too loud.

Another benifit of meditation is it teaches you how to manage your thoughts. As new ideas come in and fight for your attention, you train your mind to observe them and let them go.  This is usually the toughest part of mediation because you at first are fighting your thoughts.  Fighting is usually all we know and naturally were we go to first.  Only once we learn to observe and let go, we learn a way to deal with this overflow of thoughts.

The real power, I have found in meditation has been to accept and operate in the world.  The world is only chaos if you try to control it, it can be the source of infinite ideas and exploration if you do not resist it. Meditation can help you find that place.

Here's how I have approached it.

  1. I select a feeling/emotion that I would like. You can choose any - my choice is a state of peace(not happiness as I find that too unstable).
  2. Now take a problem in your life that you are struggling with and causing you to depart from the state you are trying to achieve(in my case peace).
  3. Meditate as you usually would and after you feel your state, introduce the thought of the problem that taking you out of this state.
  4. It will pull you out of your natural meditation state. During this time, use the ideas of letting go, monitoring your breathing, focusing on your body, and all the other ways you learned to get into meditation.
  5. Eventually you will work through the negative feeling that was the result of the challenge you faced and reentry your desired state.
  6. Repeat

After a few times of doing this, the issue that gave you stress and pain will no longer bother you.  It does not mean the problem goes away, it just means the negative emotion of it will not linger in you.  This enables you to focus on solving and getting past the problem itself.

I have successfully used this on complex technical problems, business peoples, human resource issues, relationships, conflicts with others, and even my physyical fitness.

I do not know about everyone but for me it worked and hope it helps.

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