Fear and meditation

Fear and meditation

Written by
Gautam Bakshi
Date published
March 11, 2023

In life there are many unknowns. Unknowns can be exciting but more often than not we are evolutionarly trained to avoid surpsises - as in nature it tends to be not usually a good thing.

In our modern times, we no longer need to be worried about a lion jumping out at us from the back of the bushes, instead we have to worry about losing our jobs or getting sick.

Unfortantly these kind of threats are not ones were being worried about a sudden shock of a attack will help us. Instead these threats take time to brew but once they pounce they are more dangerous (and likely )than a bear attack.

Therfore a different type of fear is required. One we are not equipped for and requires training.

We need to use our insticts to look at what can suprise us and prepare for it.

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